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A good portion of my time is dedicated to teaching. I am currently accepting private students through the Skype or in-person modality. Whether you are a beginner or advance student, my teaching philosophy focuses on developing the student's ears as much as possible to be able to make a connection between the music you hear in your head and the instrument. After all, music is something we can't touch; we can only hear it and "feel it". In my own personal experience, it must come from feel and not mechanics, which are just a means to an end. To do this, we have to build a practice routine and study concept that will make us a proficient and capable musician regardless of having access to the instrument at a specific time. In my lessons, I emphasize the importance of deliberate practice, recreating the situation that is hard or that we feel uncomfortable executing, exposing the weakness as much as possible. That is the only way to improve if you want to be very proficient in one or many styles.


It is important for me to know what your goals and ambitions are as well, at any level, so I can personalize your course and work closely with you to achieve those objectives. If you are someone looking to learn and get the basic tools of guitar playing under your hands to be able to learn songs, study harmony, train your ear, or even more advance topics such as jazz improvisation, language and repertoire, please contact me. All levels and ages are welcome! 


Fill out the form below to contact me about any questions, info on availability, rates, etc. You can always send an email to as well. Thank you!



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