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Jazz guitarist Francisco Quintero has been a part the international jazz scene in major cities such as Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C and New York City. He has shared the stage with Andres Briceno, Victor Provost, Pablo Gil, Paul Carr, Herman Burney Jr., Elijah Balbed, Camille Thurman, Carl Allen, Derrick Gardner, Tim Warfield, Al Strong, Peter Bernstein, Ari Brown, Geof Bradfield, Reggie Thomas, Fareed Haque, Gustavo Caruci, Andy Narell,  Tedd Baker, Lenny Robinson and many more.


A Summa Cum Laude alumni of the prestigious Berklee College of Music and Northern Illinois University, Francisco has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance and Master's Degree in Jazz Studies and dedicates his time to performing, recording and producing in the U.S. and beyond. His most recent projects include a duo album with guitarist Manuel Reyes and an upcoming quartet album release.

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